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We are Jojoba Oil Specialists

Clara Bella Health was established to share the benefits of the Jojoba plant, which we discovered during 30 years of work in cosmetology, health and beauty facial treatments, and skin-care product development. 

All our products are made from 100% pure, organic, cold-pressed Jojoba oil. We do not over-strain the oil to maintain the fruit’s high levels of natural vitamins and minerals and, as a result, the remarkable health and beauty benefits of Jojoba oil. Therefore you will notice that our products are pure gold and not colorless.

As we come from a family of farmers, we feel a special bond to the land, nature, animals, and the quality of the environment. To ensure intimate involvement with the lifecycle of our product, we have cultivated a special relationship with an organic Jojoba farm in the desert of one of the world’s largest Jojoba supplying countries. We closely monitor the growth of our crop and process our products as quickly as possible after harvest and drying the Jojoba fruits to ensure the highest potency and shelf-life.

Like you, we at Clara Bella Health care deeply about what we put on and in our bodies and protecting the environment. Because we only use safe ingredients, our products are tested on people, never animals! We only sell products we love enough to use ourselves. We believe nature provides all the ingredients our bodies need for health and beauty, so there is no need to use chemicals that pollute our bodies and the environment.

This is our philosophy and the foundation of our passion for pure, organic Jojoba oil.
We hope you enjoy our products!

Dorit Shabtay, Founder & CEO

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