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Mojo and Jojoba: Body Care Products Need Both

When people feel good about products, it adds to their Mojo…which is why we manufacturer them in the first place!

Mojo is Sexy

If you think Mojo is sexy, you’re right!!! When your brand has Mojo, its charisma and ‘magic’ will compel people to want to buy your cosmetics and skin, body and hair care products.

Using your products will give your customers the karma of your Mojo, making them feel sexy and beautiful…so apparently, it rubs off when it’s rubbed in!

It is very important to note that underlying the magic of Mojo are company values, product integrity and safety, and honest marketing messages. These hard criteria outweigh brands’ ranking as ‘cool’, ‘trendy’ and ‘in’.

Fortunately, product regulations and the voice of the customer keep most companies’ products safe for use. Increasingly, as we know, people are paying more attention to the ingredients and the environmental impact of our products.

Trust in a product’s integrity is very sexy, indeed!

Jojoba has Mojo

Having worked in skin-care product development for more than three decades, I know that Jojoba Oil has Mojo! This fruit (Simmondsia chinensis) is stubborn to grow, but once cultivated, offers 50% of its weight in precious oil.

In its earliest history, Jojoba seed oil was used to treat sores and wounds. Later, it was found to offer outstanding benefits as a moisturizer and source of nourishment, as well as to relieve skin irritations and inflammations, including symptoms of acne, psoriasis, sunburn and chapped skin.

These properties inspired me to develop a line of products based on 100% pure organic Jojoba oil, for babies’ delicate skin, her skin and facial care regimen, his beard grooming, and their body moisturizing and care needs.

With little need for other ingredients, Jojoba oil has proven it has Mojo…that enticing, youthful attractiveness that brings out the best at every age and makes others take notice!

Jojoba is Natural Skin Care

The oil of the Jojoba fruit was apparently put on this Earth specifically for use in skin care.

Jojoba oil has a make-up so similar to the oily-waxy sebum produced naturally by the body that human skin cannot differentiate between the two. Sebum’s purpose is, first and foremost, to protect our skin against water evaporation (a humectant substance).

As a result, Jojoba oil is ideal for use in cosmetics, fragrances and body products, as it is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, moisturizing and, of course, natural, leaving no harmful residues in the ground water when washed down the drain.

Yet another important benefit is that its shelf-life is longer than most other vegetable oils, making it an ideal ingredient in cosmetic and body care products.

Health and Beauty Must be Compatible

We are becoming increasingly aware of the correlation between health and beauty.

As manufacturers of health and beauty products, we have a responsibility to reduce the number of chemicals in our products, offering the most natural options available to achieve the greatest benefits…without compromise. Jojoba oil is an example of such an ingredient.

When women and men feel good about the products they use, their beauty benefits and their ecological safety, it certainly adds to their Mojo…which is why we manufacturers produce them in the first place!

Contact me to learn more!

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